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ARBES CAP-X-8 Encapsulation Machine

ARBES Encapsulation Line
  • 8 inch long Capsulators (dierolls)
  • Production Rates are atleast 30% (and upto 60%) higher than standard encapsulation machines
  • Stainless Steel cladding – matte finish
  • Contact Parts: SS 316, Food-grade, and HCHCr hardened materials
  • All other critical parts are SS 304/316 or Virgin Brass
  • All motors, gears, and bearing assemblies are of International makes and adhering to International norms; all critical gears are hardened
  • ACVF for stepless speed control
  • Auto-tuning sensors for segment and spreader box temperature control
  • Pneumatic dieroll loading arrangement
  • AUTO Segment Lifting Arrangement
  • Electro-pneumatic Ribbon Lubrication system
  • AUTO adjusting Injection Timing mechanism for medicament encapsulation
  • Chilled air cooled ribbon casting drums
  • Independently controlled and metered medicine pump lubrication
  • Control Panel – operator-friendly design and IP 33 protection
  • Control Panel is a stand-alone unit which can be located conveniently
  • Independent control panel for the pneumatic circuits located within the CAP-X-8
  • Spreader Boxes permitting optimum gelatin utilization as per dieroll configuration
  • Conveyor (with food-grade belts) to transfer capsules into in-line semi-drier (bi-directional)
  • Stainless Steel platform and base tray
  • Compact Footprint (1 meter x 0.7 meters) eliminates the need for large encapsulation rooms, thereby allowing optimum control over air-conditioning and dehumidification

Additionally, the ARBES CAP-X-8 Encapsulation Machine is fitted with the following:

  • Shut-Off valve and Medicine Pump Assembly – depending on fill volume and production capacity
  • Spare Parts (mechanical and electrical)
  • Tool Kit
  • All necessary documentation for FDA requirements including IQ, DQ, OQ and MQ


ARBES Semi-Drier

  • Three basket arrangement ideal for high production machines and longer capsule pre-drying time
  • Static dissipation system prevents shocks and sparks
  • Modified design to allow quick change-over, and convenient cleaning
  • High CFM blowers which use ambient air to remove oil from the surfaces of the capsules
  • Mini-capsule conveyor ensures direct feed of capsules into first basket
  • Auto-transfer of capsules between baskets
  • Control Panel integrated with the Encapsulation Machine
  • Proprietary PLC ensures optimum drying time in each basket to ensure maximum removal of oil, optimum shape-formation and strong sealing of capsules
  • All contact parts are SS 316 and Food-grade material
  • Baskets directly driven through Nylon Gears
  • All motors, gears, blowers and bearing assemblies of international make and adhering to international norms; additionally all critical gears are hardened
  • Oil-collection trays and drain ensure no oil-spillage or accidents
  • Mobile arrangement allows orientation of the Semi-Drier as per room configuration
  • Compact size ensures maximum effect of blowers for oil-removal while maintaining a small footprint (2.5 meters x 0.6 meters)]
ARBES Encapsulation Line


ARBES Gelatin Transfer Vessel

  • Ensures pump-less transfer of gelatin
  • Double jacketed SS-316 construction

ARBES Color Mixer

  • Special mixing head configuration eliminates the necessity of re-deaeration of gelatin mass


ARBES De-Oiling Pan

  • Integrated with the encapsulation line
  • Ensures automatic discharge of capsules into trays


  • Medicine Pump Assemblies
  • Brush Assemblies/Hex Roller Assemblies
  • Spreader Boxes


Tooling / Change Parts

We make change parts (dierolls + wedges + distribution plate + gear) for all makes of rotary die encapsulation machines (any manufacturer)
Our change parts are used for the encapsulation of:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Paintballs
  • Nutraceuticals
  • OTC drugs
  • Prescription drugs
  • Cosmetics
  • Dietary supplements
  • Health foods